GeoME 2015

Conference Program

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 DAY 1

 Monday, 16 Nov 2015

 DAY 2

 Tuesday, 17 Nov 2015

08:30 AM Registration & Welcome Coffee 08:30 AM Registration & Welcome Coffee
10:00 AM Conference Opening Ceremony 10:00 AM ADSSC – Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company, UAE
Alan Thomson

"STEP: A case study of HDPE applications • A review of the different applications used • An overview of the installation systems • A look at the performance of the systems after installation • Reasons for failure • Repair arrangements"
10:10 AM Keynote Lecture
Abu Dhabi City Municipality, UAE
10:30 AM  Municipality of Abu Dhabi City - Infrastructures and Municipal Assets Sector, UAE
Ahmed Hassan Ali, PhD/PMP, Eman Al Kubaisi, BSc.

"Application of Geo-grid in Sustainable Asphalt Pavement Design of Abu- Dhabi Projects"
10:30 AM Bonar bv, Netherlands
Blair Rawes

"Salt Barrier applications in Middle East countries [case study] • Project name: Salt Barrier Project VIP property Abu Dhabi • Goal: Protection of marble surfacing on pedestrian and vehicular roads"
11:00 AM Official opening of the Exhibition
Networking coffee break
11:00 AM  National Textile University, Pakistan

"Development of fiber/filament from plastic packaging waste: Future prospects for geosynthetics"
11:30 AM The Ministry of Public Works of the United Arab Emirates, UAE
Eng. Rashed Thani, Daniel Llort

"Use of Geosynthetics for asphalt reinforcement. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E-311) - Application case study"
11:30 AM Networking Coffee-Break
12:00 PM Huesker, Germany
July Ellen Jaramillo Castro

"Sinkhole bridging on the Motorway A1 in Poland"
12:00 AM   University of Brasilia, UnB, Brazil
Roberto Pimentel de Sousa Júnior

"Erosion Recovery of Park Canjerana (Brazil)
wirh Reinforced Soil with Terramesh"
12:30 PM Maccaferri Environmental Solutions, India
Anilkumar Gopinath

"Site Specific Externalities affecting the Engineering Properties of Geotextile tubes during offshore installation: A Case study - LNG Petro Sea front development in S-W coast of India, Kerala, India"
12:30 AM Geoparsian, Iran
Dipl.-Ing. Hooman Khansari

"Different damages on geogrid reinforced walls"
01:00 PM Lunch and Networking 01:00 PM Lunch & Networking Break
02:30 PM
04:30 PM
Select a course/workshop (delegates only)

Short Course A1

"Specifications for Geosynthetics"  read more ...

Chairmen: Helmut Zanzinger, SKZ and
Philippe Grimmelprez; Mattex" 


Short Course A2

"Smart composits and hybrids in civil engineering and building constructions - future vision"  read more ...

Chairman: Thoralf Krause, SKZ


Short Course A3

"Higher quality and productivity control before, during and after welding of Geomembranes"  read more ...

Sponsored by Leister Chairman: Eddie Weiser, Assisted by Rachid Benlakhouy, Leister

02:30 PM
04:30 PM
Select a course/workshop (delegates only)

Short Course B1

"Polymer Basics for decision makers"   read more ...

Chairman: Stefan Fleischmann; SKZ  


Workshop B2

"Standartization of Geosynthetics"

Chairman: Helmut Zanzinger, SKZ read more ...


Workshop B3

"Global demand for skilled specialists – an introduction to “Training – Made in Germany”  read more ...

Kristine Schinkmann, iMOVE

07:00 PM GeoME Award Ceremony and Gala dinner 
(Invitation only)
04:30 PM End of the conference